#13: Eye Contact – Secrets to Improve Your Videoconferencing Experience


In this video, David covers:

  • Why eye contact is so important
  • Why no one is talking about it
  • Why current efforts to improve eye contact aren’t satisfactory
  • What needs to be done to really fix the problem
  • Tips and tricks to improve your eye contact


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About Author

David Maldow is the Founder & CEO of Let's Do Video and one of the visual collaboration industry's most prolific writers. Prior to founding Let’s Do Video, David was Managing Partner at Telepresence Options, one of the industry’s most recognized print publication and news sites. It was there that he authored 150+ pieces of public content, gaining him recognition as an industry expert. Earlier in his career, David managed the Wainhouse Research Video Test Lab, where he developed the ability to assess products / solutions from an IT perspective, but with an eye for user experience and adoptability.


  1. Good video, David

    Apple was granted a couple of patents 8+ years ago.



    It feels like I’m the only little bird sitting in the corner chirping about eye contact, both in writing about it and working on it. Here is an article I wrote about eye contact after I read yet another article telling folks to look into the camera: http://hellarddesign.blogspot.com/2015/02/bad-video-conferencing-advice.html

    • Good point Randy. I’m a big fan of the DVE line of products. They use a variation of the Pepper’s Ghost technique I described, so their solutions require a bit of depth (space to hide the camera behind the angled one-way mirror). Although to be fair, the DVE Silhouette model really isn’t too thick, they did a good job with it.

      I think the DVE solutions are ideal for kiosks or for executive systems, but the typical desktop needs an affordable flat screen solution.

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