The list below includes both LDV’s internal writers, as well as a growing number of regular contributors.

Let's Do Video is committed to bringing you the best coverage of visual collaboration technologies and related productivity tools and strategies. All aggregated content and press releases are posted under this listing.2095 Articles

Ana Perez is the Chief Operating Officer (COO), web design guru, and contributing author at Let's Do Video. Her background is in Computer Forensics and Cybersecurity, which fueled her passion to dive deeper into technology and business video. Ana considers herself to be a "Jill of All Trades" and with that foundation, she brings her expertise and adds to the diversity of the Let's Do Video community.23 Articles

Bryan Hellard, President of True View Video LLC is an industry expert in video conferencing product development. With over 14 years’ experience in video conferencing and telepresence, his duties have included product management, product design, testing and prototyping. Bryan is also a consultant for end users and video conferencing product vendors. In addition, he operates an R&D testing lab for video related products. Bryan currently serves as Director of Product Engineering and is a member of the Advisory Board for Array Telepresence. The opinions expressed in Bryan's commentary are his own, and are not representative of Let's Do Video or Array Telepresence.12 Articles

J Scott Christianson is a successful instructor and business owner with more than 23 years of experience in networking, videoconferencing technology, and project management. A Project Management Professional (PMP), Scott has worked on more than 400 videoconferencing projects. He currently serves as an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Trulaske College of Business at the University of Missouri and remains actively involved in videoconferencing technology and applications. The opinions expressed in Scott's commentary are his own, and are not representative of Let’s Do Video or the University of Missouri.9 Articles

At his core, Theo Economides is an educator and performer. By schooling he is an electrical engineer, with more than 30 years in higher education, broadcast engineering and collaboration technology. But a lifetime as a musician and stage performer is the foundation of his perspective on meetings and collaboration. For Theo, these interactions - especially those involving video - are improvised performances, and those who recognize them as such end up being much more productive in them. His Chicago-based company, Greenline Emeritus, creates and curates online educational content and marketing videos. The opinions expressed in Theo’s commentary are his own, and are not representative of Let’s Do Video.4 Articles

Joseph Marash is the founder and CEO of Phoenix Audio Technologies, a leading developer of audio conferencing equipment. He has an MSc. degree in Electronic Engineering and 35 years of experience in leading the development of DSP based audio solutions. Joe is a serial entrepreneur, Phoenix being his third endeavor. He is an authority in digital signal processing for audio, the writer of numerous patents in the field and has served as a consultant to a number of companies seeking advice on product development.3 Articles

Kalpana is a tech enthusiast, presently working as a Content Expert with Techpillar. Tech blogging is her passion, through which she intends to explore the world of software & hardware. She doesn't just write for tech-savvy people, but also for those who find the world of technology intriguing.2 Articles

Megan Mosley (@megsmosley) is the marketing specialist at Referral Rock Software, which helps businesses build and automate referral programs. She focuses her efforts on inbound marketing, writing, and content creation. Visit us at Referral Rock to see how we can help you build your referral program.1 Articles

JD Vaughn is an entrepreneur in the collaboration space and has been a recruiter, consultant, board member, and investor in the industry for over 25 years. He has been Vice President of Sales at Polycom, General Manager at Radvision, and a Director at AT&T, Picturetel and VideoServer. He was also chairman on the vendor side for the international videoconferencing users group; VCIG. He currently leads a boutique consulting and recruiting practice; Sage Research and is founder of a social media startup; SPFFIT. His in depth profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/jd-vaughn-244453/ will fill in the gaps. Here at LDV, JD keeps us posted on the job market and career planning in our industry.1 Articles