Improving Hybrid Work with Virtual Desktops

The rising value of virtual desktops

Story by Rebekah Carter, UC Today

The world has changed, and so has how we work. Work is no longer defined by a specific space or location. We’re living in a world where employees expect to be able to work from anywhere. In fact, 60% of employers now agree remote work is a pre-requisite for retaining and attracting talent.

For IT and technology leaders in the business world, implementing tools for flexible and hybrid work into the corporate environment can deliver dividends. It can improve productivity and employee retention, minimize burnout, and even reduce overhead costs. However, it comes with unique challenges to consider too. Specifically, IT leaders need to figure out how to empower, align, and connect staff members wherever they are.

Fortunately, new solutions for innovative collaboration and communication are emerging, transforming the way teams access support, knowledge, and tools. Solutions like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex have emerged to help teams stay functional and productive wherever they are. DaaS (Desktop as a Service) solution providers are giving companies a way to make the most of these tools, and improve team performance.

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