3 Keys to Unlocking Video’s True Workplace Potential

These best practices can help employees get in the habit of using video to drive business.

Story by Christopher Martini, NoJitter

In August 1981, a new network called MTV debuted with the aptly named Buggles video, “Video Killed the Radio Star.”

Indeed, MTV and its music video format would soon go on to change the way people experienced music. By then video had, of course, changed the way we experienced a lot of things as consumers. But not so much in business. Eventually, of course, video conferencing would find a foothold in large organizations, and by the early 2000s it was available to just about anyone.

But it’s been more than a decade since all the major instant messaging platforms came out with video chat capabilities, and six years since we began making free video calls on the iPhone. While video continues to evolve in some really exciting ways for consumers, its evolution within organizations has stalled.

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