3 Video Conferencing Best Practices to Improve Meetings

Hybrid work means that video meetings are here to stay. Organizations need to plan to ensure their video conferences are as effective as possible.

Story by David Maldow, TechTarget

A few years ago our world turned upside down. Suddenly every meeting was a video meeting. The expectation was that in the post-pandemic era, our use of video would decline. This has not been the case. We now have a “new normal” that embraces flexible and hybrid work. In most organizations, many employees log in from their home offices every day of the week. This means nearly every meeting will be a video meeting.

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David Maldow is the Founder & CEO of Let's Do Video and has been covering the visual collaboration industry, and related technologies, for over a decade. His background includes 5 years at Wainhouse Research, where he managed the Video Test Lab and evaluated many of the leading solutions at the time. David has authored hundreds of articles and thought pieces both at Telepresence Options, where he was managing partner for several years, as well as here at Let's Do Video. David often speaks at industry events and webinars as well as hosting the LDV Video Podcast.

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