4 Reasons Why Video Conferencing Can Save Your Startup Money


Story by John Boitnott

Startups and other businesses have truly embraced video conference tech for the efficiency it brings. Not everyone may be a fan of appearing on camera during live video meetings, but very few have a problem with the money it saves.

In a world of hi-def TV’s and IMAX movie theaters, we can’t be blamed if we expect a lot out of our video conferencing tools. We are a people that fully looks forward to reliably talking to our family and friends using video chat over our phones and desktops. The same is true for our work lives. Visual collaborations are integral in business dealings, and can make our business operations more efficient. Video collaboration is a consistent, convenient way for people to maintain business relationships, increase productivity and slash travel expense budgets. New hardware and software products are being introduced on a fairly constant basis to make it even easier for business people to forge connections all over the world. Here are four ways this technology is making this happen.

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