4 Tips to Improve Video Conferencing Performance When You Have Unlimited Bandwidth


Story by Ben Fineman

I recently read a well-written article entitled 3 Tips to Improve Video Conference Performance Without Cramping Bandwidth. This article was a good one, and nicely emphasizes that there are many other important concerns beyond networkperformance when it comes to video collaboration. But it did get me thinking – what about when you have unlimited bandwidth? In the Internet2 community, our universities and other connected institutions have massive pipes between them such that it’s next to impossible to fill them up. (Am I connected?)

We are running multiple 100Gbps links across the country and maintaining a minimum of 50% headroom to leave space for bursty traffic like big data transfers, experimental traffic, and, you guessed it, advanced video communications. Institutions themselves are connecting to our backbone or regional networks more often at 100Gbps, with connections below 10Gbps becoming less and less common. Certainly you probably won’t see 100Gbps direct to your computer or video conferencing system anytime soon, but the point here is that if your system has a 100Mbps or 1Gbps connection on Internet2 it’s a waste to not be using more of it. So – let’s talk about how.

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