5 Lessons From Zoom’s Conference Room Transformation Webinar


Story by Priscilla McCarthy Barolo | Zoom

Yesterday, David Maldow of Let’s Do Video and Paul Richards of Conference Room Systems joined our own Nick Chong in a lively discussion about the transformation of video conference rooms from fixed physical spaces to cloud collaboration powerhouses. David focused on the big picture of video conferencing solutions while Paul showcased the best in audio, video, and collaboration technology options for your conference rooms.

During this entertaining and engaging discussion, we learned five must-know ideas and trends we wanted to share with you:

1.What kind of technology is video conferencing?

David discussed two types of technology: the right kind, which solves an existing problem, and the wrong kind, which is created and then the inventors try to come up with the problem it solves. Video conferencing technology solved a real problem: most communication is non-verbal so phone calls just weren’t cutting it. However, the solution of creating video conferencing rooms didn’t actually solve this problem. It turns out no one wants to meet from conference rooms, or at least not to the extent or in the ways anticipated. The real solution is to use cloud platforms to bring people in from anywhere (not just conference rooms). Zoom’s Cloud Room Connector means that traditional conference rooms and can now meet with anyone on mobile or desktop devices, so your old H.323 and SIP room systems are no longer collecting dust.

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