5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade the Way You Collaborate for Business Needs


Blocking the calendar for another business meeting? Wait for a moment to check this statistic!

According to the survey results of Fuze, “92 percent of information workers indulge in multitasking during business meetings”.

Owing to digital distractions, employees are losing focus during meetings and other important tasks. And this epidemic of distraction has further increased with around 350M photos getting uploaded daily by more than 1.1 billion active Facebook users. On the top of it, around 100 hours of video add up to the database of YouTube per minute.

These figures state it loud and clear that there are chances of your next meeting to be ineffective and unfocused. If you are still not convinced with the idea of upgrading the way you collaborate during business meetings, let’s analyze the last meeting you hosted.

Things Haven’t Moved Forward Since The Last Meeting?

Is your project still in doldrums with a little chance of successful completion? Reconsider the way your team collaborated in the last meeting. It seems that confusion overpowered collaboration, making it difficult for the team to work together towards project completion.

In this scenario, you can rely on the latest developments in Voice over IP, so that packets of video and audio data can reach out to all participants with clarity. HD video quality is also of prime importance to retain the attention of participants.

Engagement Quotient was Low during the Meeting?

Didn’t get many queries from the side of participants at the end of last meeting? Either they were completely clear about the ideas you conveyed, or they didn’t pay much heed to your words. Chances of the lack of engagement are more likely, as people often seem to be busy answering emails and surfing social media platforms during meetings.

The engagement quotient can be increased significantly by hosting video-enabled meetings, in which participants can get a chance to participate actively and share information in the form of documents, images and videos. Screen sharing can further help participants stay involved throughout the meeting with something substantial happening in front of their eyes. With the information sharing feature of top videoconferencing software, participants can feel associated with a meeting and pay heed to what’s happening on the screen of mobile device through which they are connected.

Connections Couldn’t Foster Despite all Efforts?

Were you unable to strike a chord with your team members during the last meeting? Maybe your ideas were not conveyed clearly despite all your efforts to be loud and clear.

You need to humanize your conversations via videoconferencing. Live video meetings can help you in using the power of body language to strengthen every word that you speak. Moreover, with cloud-based video conferencing systems, interoperability is not an issue. You can connect with people across geographies, no matter which mobile device they are using to collaborate.

Unable to Recall Important Points of the Last Meeting?

Are you unable to recall important points of the last meeting in front of any new participant? Unrecorded verbal meetings have the same fate in most of the cases. They fade away from the memory of participants quite soon. According to the Social Science Research Network, 65 percent of people are visual learners. They recall more of what they see than of what they hear.

So, why not try videoconferencing to make the content of every meeting crisp, yet effective. Advanced Video conferencing solutions also provide the outstanding feature of recording every session. This can help your team go through recorded meetings if there is any confusion afterwards. So, you can expect minimum hurdles in the way of achieving desired goals and predictive results.

Getting Complains about the Lack of Right Collaboration Tools?

Is your remotely-working team complaining about the lack of a single platform where it can share ideas and circulate information? The concern is not trivial, as the lack of collaboration tools can affect performance.

With the access to cloud-based video conferencing solutions, your team members can connect via video conferencing and share documents, images and information. Cloud-based videoconferencing systems are enabling businesses to function in a close-knit manner even if their operations are spread across geographies.

Most importantly, videoconferencing systems can cut travel costs of business travelers considerably. Business travelers are frequently on the go to stay connected with their stakeholders. But with a video conferencing solution in place, they can achieve the same level of collaboration even without traveling across geographies. With reduced travel time, productivity of your employees can also increase manifold. They can focus on other core tasks, and create a better balance between work life and personal space.

So, it’s time for coming to grips with the hurdles in effective business meetings, and adopt the latest VC technology offerings. Opt for those online meeting solutions, which provide the best of video conferencing features and help you collaborate effectively.


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