5 Web Tools to Help You Stop Emailing, Start Collaborating

How Asana, Microsoft, NEC, Slack, and Vidyo and are ushering in the next era of collaboration.

Story by Rob Marvin, PC Mag
Collaboration applies to an array of different business processes including editing and sharing documents, multimedia conferencing, real-time chat, or workflow management, but they all fall under the banner of unified communications and collaboration (UCC). Affordable cloud infrastructure makes it easier than ever for businesses to integrate the services that teams and employees use to work together. But the greater driver behind the UCC trend is the innovative collaboration technologies that are redefining how we work.

Online collaboration tools evolve as quickly as the workplaces around them and the space is only growing. International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts the content collaboration market will grow to $6.2 billion by 2019, with the biggest growth coming from the cloud around personal productivity. Heading into 2016, employees are hyper-connected and continually mobile, requiring access to business data from anywhere as well as full-featured team coordination, collaboration, and analysis features to transform that data as they see fit. In a market where both established tech players and new software start-ups are responding to a changing workforce and steering where they go next, the following five companies in particular are helping to define UCC for the next generation of work.

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