6 UCaaS Trends to Watch for in 2023

Learn about the six key trends to watch within the UCaaS space in 2023.

Story by Cass Gilmore, Spiceworks

The shift to hybrid and remote work environments driven by the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS). So what’s next for this hypergrowth industry? Cass Gilmore, CEO, FluentStream, shares his thoughts on trends to watch within the UCaaS space in 2023.

Organizations scrambled to adapt to remote or hybrid work to meet social distancing mandates during the pandemic. For many companies, the first step was implementing UCaaS services such as video conferencing and business phone systems that can be accessed from any device or location with an Internet connection. This created a global surge in demand for UCaaS solutions across all industries, fueling significant industry maturation in the past two years.

With the pandemic (hopefully) in the rearview mirror, research firms such as Grand View Research and Market Research Future still forecast over 20% annual growth in global UCaaS sales, topping $210 billion by 2028. What will continue to fuel such high growth? Here are UCaaS growth drivers as well as key trends to watch in 2023.

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Bye Bye Legacy; Hello Cloud

During the pandemic, many organizations accelerated their cloud migration plans to enable their Work from Home (WFH) environments to thrive. Through that acceleration, organizations discovered the numerous benefits of cloud-based infrastructure, and many have expanded their cloud migration plans. In fact, according to GartnerOpens a new window , more than half of enterprise IT spending will shift to the cloud by 2025.

As organizations further embrace the benefits of cloud environments, they are abandoning on-premises hardware and early VoIP systems that lack the reliability and modern security measures required to meet customer expectations and compliance regulations. Additionally, organizations realize that UCaaS can ease the burden on understaffed IT departments and enable greater flexibility, security, and cost-saving opportunities. These benefits are often enough for organizations to pursue a complete cloud migration and abandon legacy on-premises equipment once and for all.

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