8 Pro Ideas to Improve Video Conferencing


Video conferencing has become a staple medium of communications for many businesses over the years. According to LifeSize, 94% of companies say video conferencing has increased productivity in the workspace. It means that it is an efficient tool to incorporate in your organization to induce motivation and increase productivity.

However, the technology is still very young. It has left a good enough room for further advancements and improvements when it comes to democratizing employees with video conferencing. A lot of it depends upon how you prepare for it, and it can be a make or break procedure. Either it will be the easiest and most efficient communications solution for your business, or you will end wasting precious time and money.

Therefore, we have compiled eight tips to utilize video conferencing as the best communication tool for optimum results and profitability.

8 Ways to do Video Conferencing like a Pro

Here are eight ideas you can apply to become a pro at video conferencing.

1.     Invest in a good camera

The first and foremost thing to do before you indulge in video conferencing is to invest in a good quality camera. Webcams and efficient high-technology cams that are wide-angled and can easily project a clear, concise imagery are an excellent feature, to begin with. There are other things like tripod and lenses that complete the whole video conferencing package.

An officially conducted formal video conferencing meeting requires a proper and reliable setup of things. Therefore, organizations looking to communicate through such a medium should make a proper investment once decided.

2.     Create an agenda/ policy

After determining what camera and tech equipment, you need to invest in, decide on an agenda or video conferencing policy. It is the one thing that can ensure everyone involved in the meeting stays on the same page.

A productive meeting follows a fixed schedule that is circulated prior to the meeting to everybody. It is formed by adding the necessary details of date, time, and the aim of conducting the meeting. The officials and the delegates of the conference, all should be distributed a copy of this agenda. So that they all are knowledgeable about the decision-making and what has to come out of it.

3.     Align the objectives

Before a meeting is conducted, it is essential to align the core objectives of why it is being held. Many times it happens that the participants of the conference end up wondering why they attended a meeting in the first place.

Most meetings don’t even turn out as productive as they were supposed to be, as the end of it accomplishes no real goal. However, if objectives and aims are aligned going into the meeting and are timely, approved discussions are conducted, so it is a successful one by the end of it.

4.     Set a moderator

Having a moderator is extremely crucial as usually, such video conferences have several in-house and remote participants. And because of the distance between their working environments, things can get out of hands pretty quickly.

Therefore a moderator that would easily set the tone for the meeting makes it neutral for all the parties to get involved in the right way.

5.     Make sure the lighting is good

Now you are all set for the meeting, but something is a bit off. You are wondering why when you have made the right investments in the equipment, set, and agenda, aligned objectives, yet still. The answer is good lighting.

Video conferencing requires good lighting, most importantly. Without having the proper light to ease the other person from focusing too hard on the screen to see you, it can get very uncomfortable quickly. Therefore, in a proper professional manner, find a setting with proper lighting to conduct your video conference.

6.     Resolve technical issues

Having technical issues to be dealt with right in the middle of a crucial staff meeting can be a hassle on its own. Let alone think about technical problems while you are connected to many different remote employees and losing connection to them because your internet stopped working.

Connectivity issues trouble video conferencing he most and are usually because of bandwidth. Therefore, it is crucial to manage your internet bandwidth. Try to cut down your usage for the day you are conducting the meeting. Notify your employees beforehand that the internet speed might be slow due to the meeting being held the following day, so they are careful about the usage rights from the day’s start.

7.     Utilize PowerPoint

Just like an agenda that help pre-organize your meeting, a robust PowerPoint presentation can add that follow-up missing element in the conference. Even if you can’t design an urgent one, then you can take a professional dissertation proposal help to make one for you.

And send it before the meeting starts to all the participants. Not only will it make it easy for them to follow through the meeting, but they will remain at the same pace without thinking ahead of each other.

8.     Make someone take notes

Instead of recording the call or practicing any unethical move, it is more appropriate to make someone manually take notes. Video conferencing or conference calls can get very cumbersome, given that many people are involved and talking all at once.

Therefore, having someone write the important points down is necessary and helpful in the long run. For example, you are conducting a meeting for a dealership of movie jackets, but you forget the exact number that was ordered. So you can quickly look back at notes and find out.


In conclusion, the best pro move you can make while video conferencing is to stay easy and don’t worry. The less you worry, and the more you are relaxed and organized about the whole situation, the better results you will reap.


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