96: OBS Template for Zoom – (Lower Third)


This is a quick tutorial to get started using OBS to control your background, logo, and lower third in Zoom.

I wanted to keep it short, so I go pretty quickly. You might have to pause a lot as you go through it.

This tutorial assumes you have a green screen behind you. If you don’t, just select your webcam in OBS, click “Filters” to disable the green screen effect. You can still have your logo and the lower third, even without a green screen.

Here is the link to my OBS4Zoom template.

And here is a link to download OBS.



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  1. mike.fpu@gmail.com'

    Hi David,
    Thanks for posting this, it is very helpful! I am having trouble with the webcam portion, it shows the background of the camera view rather than just my video image. Is there something I need to do so that it only shows the virtual background? Thanks!

  2. Let's Do Video on

    Hi Mike,

    This tutorial assumes you have a physical green screen behind you. You can still have your logo and the lower third (or anything in front of you), without a green screen.

    You can use other software, like the Snapchat desktop app, to create a virtual green background, and then use that as an input in OBS. But green screens are cheap! You can literally just hang up a piece of green cloth!

  3. betsy@claimourspace.com'

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you so much for this! Is there a way to provide lower thirds for another Zoom participant in a meeting or webinar? As a host, I’d like to be able to create and toggle them on and off for panelists. Thank you!

    Betsy in Minneapolis

    • Let's Do Video on

      Hi Betsy,

      There is no way to affect what appears in another person’s Zoom window. You can only control your own window.

      But, you can have the other participants in your Zoom meeting use a green screen, and pull them into your OBS and then do whatever you want with them. I do that in this show I produce. Here is a sample. https://youtu.be/ue6_uz1vjok

  4. ed.thomas1961@gmail.com'

    Hi David,
    This item does not seem to be available anymore. Would it be possible to obtain a copy?
    Also I am interested if you have any solutions for split screens in OBS like those used for tv station output like sky sports etc.

    Thanks in advance
    Edwin Thomas

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