A Guide to Comparing Video Conferencing Tech in 2022

Comparing and choosing the right video conferencing Tools

Story by Rebekah Carter, UC Today

Video conferencing technology has emerged as a must-have investment for companies in the last couple of years. Previously considered a solution only for more prominent brands (with heftier budgets), video now offers an engaging and immersive way to bring teams and customers together.

Currently, 98% of people say video conferencing helps build relationships inside and outside of the content, and 94% believe video increases productivity. What’s more, around 89% of workers feel video makes it easier to complete their projects on time.

With so many benefits to offer, video conferencing has emerged as a solution just as essential as messaging or voice for many companies. The question is – how do you choose the right video solution? Here are some of the points to consider during your video conferencing comparison.

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