A View From The Road Volume 9, Number 1 – The 2015 International CES


Story by David Danto

Grab your spurs and saddles because we’re clearly back in the Wild West…

Greetings from the just concluded 2015 International CES show.  This is the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas by techies and geeks, manufacturers and buyers, press and industry analysts, and CEOs and celebrities.  It represents a once a year quest to find the newest and best in technology.  And this year, all bets were off as the technology industry found itself squarely back in the Wild West.

In the past it took a lot of investment to exhibit at an expo like this. Firms would strive to capture the attention of the attendees, going as over the top as possible – massive press-conferences with celebrity guests, huge “booths” on the show floor, etc. At this year’s conference however we saw a new model of exhibitor. They aren’t well funded, they don’t have brand recognition, and they’re winning. According to CEA’s Chief Economist, Shawn DuBravac, a huge majority of technology (75% of smart devices for example) is being purchased in emerging markets (33% in China alone) and the majority of sales are from off-brand suppliers. Smaller, start-up and/or unknown firms are taking mindshare and market share in global technology. It’s truly shaping up to be a David and Goliath type story.

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