Abiliteam Launches Quick Channel Bridge Recording And Streaming For Pexip Infinity Collaboration Platform

Swedish Web TV Broadcast Leader Expands Its Product Offering To The Public And Private Sectors

April 26, 2016, Oslo, Norway – Pexip, a leading innovator in scalable, distributed collaboration software, today announced that pioneering Swedish Web TV provider for the public and private sectors, Abiliteam AB, has launched Quick Channel Bridge – a dedicated streaming, recording, and media asset management platform for Pexip Infinity.

Founded more than 15 years ago, Abiliteam is a true pioneer in its field and holds an incredibly strong position within the Swedish public sector. Abiliteam is known for its Quick Channel streaming and web tv products which provide a complete offering of cloud based solutions for organizations to create, record, manage and broadcast education sessions, events, seminars, meetings and internal and external presentations.

“Our vast experience in working with broadcast quality live streaming media for a variety of purposes, combined with our owned and purpose-built Quick Channel platform, makes it a natural fit for us to also expand to and integrate with Pexip Infinity.” said Viktor Hedström, CEO of Abiliteam. “We see a very strong demand for Quick Channel Bridge throughout our market. Public sector, especially, has a strong requirement to record collaborative discussions in a more streamlined way. This is natural extension for both organizations to partner together and drive an improved customer experience.”

Quick Channel Bridge integrates directly with the Pexip Infinity platform seamlessly on premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid models between the two. Pexip meetings and conferences can thus be streamed directly via Quick Channel Bridge to any number of participants, and can be recorded to the customer’s media asset management portal for simple playback and sharing. Quick Channel Bridge enables personal consumption of recorded, streamed, or archived media across any device or platform, and makes it simple to access and watch for everyone involved. The user experience is natively multilingual, and includes English, Swedish, and Spanish support. The company is planning to provide a completely customizable multi-language module shortly. This enables Quick Channel Bridge to reach across borders and provide value to a diverse set of users and administrators.

“We are very pleased to see Abiliteam add its Quick Channel Bridge to our ever increasing ecosystem of technology and solution partners.” said Jordan Owens, VP of Architecture for Pexip. “Recording and streaming remains in high demand, especially for many vertical-specific applications. We are excited to bring another partner on board with a strong track record in this area and focus on multi-lingual support. For our customers, the Pexip-Abiliteam combination will bring an added dimension, simply providing increased access to meeting content that they would otherwise miss.”

Pexip’s award-winning Infinity platform allows organizations to improve work efficiency by simply enabling everyone in organizations of any size to benefit from visual communication and collaboration tools. It seamlessly ties together enterprise communication solutions such as Microsoft® Skype™ for Business, traditional video and telephone conferencing systems, and web-based communications so that organizations can improve their everyday work and communications by getting more done with better results.

About Abiliteam AB

Abiliteam has over 15 years experience in the streaming and video industry. Abiliteams core business is development and integration of the streaming platform Quick Channel. Abiliteam owns and develops the software and offers it to both public and private organisations as a cloud solution. In addition to the software Abiliteam provides video productions of seminars, events and press conferences on-site or in the web-tv studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

Abiliteam is the market leader in the public sector in Sweden and growing to become the market leader in Scandinavia for video streaming solutions. The Quick Channel solution offers a flexible and advanced streaming platform to manage video content, do live-broadcasts, record and stream video meetings. Quick Channel is a scalable solution that can be used as a cloud service, hybrid or on-premise.

For more information or a quote please contact us www.abiliteam.com, info@abiliteam.com or give us a call at +46 (0)83 26 547.


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