About Us

“Let’s Do Video” stands at the forefront of ushering businesses into the era of hybrid work. The world now rallies around the call, "Let's Do Video," when it's time to convene and collaborate. We're dedicated to being your go-to resource, guiding you through the shift from the traditional 9-5 workforce to a dynamic era of hybrid work, where flexibility meets productivity, and connectivity knows no bounds.

Our roots are firmly planted in the visual collaboration industry, yet we understand that video has transcended from a standalone tool into an integral part of modern business workflows. This evolution has spurred us to broaden our coverage, spanning all dimensions of business team dynamics, including the broader commercial AV space.

Our founder and CEO, David Maldow, brings nearly two decades of expertise in covering the visual collaboration industry and related technologies. With five pivotal years at Wainhouse Research, overseeing the Video Test Lab and assessing leading solutions of the time, David offers invaluable insights. He has authored numerous articles and thought leadership pieces, both during his tenure at Telepresence Options as a managing partner and right here at 'Let's Do Video'. David also hosts and produces various video projects, including the LDV Live Stream.