Acano Makes Communications Across Firewalls Easy

New Firewall Traversal Capabilities Reduce Complexity, Drive Cost Reduction and Enable Massive Scale

June 17, 2015, London and Orlando, FL – Acano, a fast-growing technology company with a fresh perspective on audio, web and video conferencing, today revealed new firewall traversal capabilities that eliminate complexity and lower the deployment cost of their innovative communications platform. Acano will showcase its products this week at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando, Florida.

“Whether making a call out from hotel wifi or calling into an enterprise across their NAT/firewall, the problem of securely traversing network boundaries has always been a challenge for organizations seeking to implement conferencing,” said Acano CTO Mark Blake. “This enables us to offer simple and affordable solutions to address these issues head on, and result in reduced complexity, cost reduction and phenomenal scalability.”

The complexity and cost of connecting SIP, H.323, Skype for Business and WebRTC participants to meetings has long been an issue for video conferencing. Previously, users required separate infrastructure for each, that all came with additional cost and added complexity. Now, with Acano, these problems can be solved in a single place, allowing for secure, reliable and interoperable calls into customer meetings, regardless of the type of call or where it is made from.

The Acano solution is standards-based and forms a fully integrated part of the company’s distributed software platform, which means no additional infrastructure or “traversal licenses” are needed. Furthermore customers benefit from the same scalability, redundancy and geographic distribution benefits of the rest of the solution. In summary, the new features are:

  •  NAT/Firewall Traversal for SIP and H.323 Calls – Business-to-business calls into and out of Acano can now be made without the need for expensive traversal licenses on a separate traversal device or a Session Border Controller.
  • NAT/Firewall Traversal for Skype for Business – Now organizations can open up their Acano deployment to allow external Skype for Business users to connect more easily. Acano achieves this by using federation between the remote Skype for Business/Lync and local Acano deployments without any requirement for a local Skype for Business deployment. This federation is done via Acano’s firewall traversal solution.
  • WebRTC Support for Tunneled Media – Many coffee shops, hotels, etc. limit network connections or offer “web access only”. Acano overcomes this challenge by tunneling the traffic over a Transport Layer Secure (TLS) connection between the user’s browser and the TURN server, which is included in the Acano solution. This gives users full access to Acano from wherever they are working.

Acano’s award winning technology already allows a user to join Acano meetings from other applications, a browser, SIP endpoint or a Skype for Business/Lync client. The additional capabilities the company has announced today further delivers on Acano’s promise to “just make meetings work”.

About Acano
Imagine having all of the tools your team needs to work together, available in one place and always accessible. That’s Acano. Founded in 2012, we’re a fast-growing technology company with a fresh perspective on audio, web and video conferencing. We make teams work. Visit us at Follow us on LinkedIn at and Twitter at

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Jackie Funk
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