Acano Reveals Hybrid Transcoding Video at Enterprise Connect 2015

With HT Video, Customers No Longer Forced to Choose Between Scalability and Interoperability

March 17, 2015, London, England and Orlando, FL – Acano, a ‘Best of Enterprise Connect’ Finalist, today revealed more of the core technology underpinning the company’s disruptive communications platform with the release of HT (Hybrid Transcoding) Video. HT Video is a new technology that allows full scalability without compromising interoperability and user experience.

HT Video is a radically new innovation that continuously optimizes each user’s video experience by deciding whether to use packet switching or transcode the video on a frame-by-frame basis. This provides the benefits of scale and low-latency of “fully switched” systems, such as Lync 2013, while retaining the interoperability and flexibility of existing transcoding systems, such as the Cisco TelePresence Server.

“HT Video is something our customers have requested for a long time. In the past, customers have been led down a path that required them to stitch together multiple technologies to achieve scale and interoperability. Such disparate solutions have created a difficult user experience,” said Acano CTO Mark Blake. “We have addressed this head on with Acano HT Video, which is an integral part of our disruptive communications platform architecture.”

Acano Delivers a Secure, Extensible Platform with Flexible Deployment Options:

  • Extensible: Acano is architected as a distributed software platform with abstraction of the underlying hardware and centralized control via open APIs. This flexible architecture, following trends seen in other areas of IT such as software defined networking (SDN), is dynamic, manageable, cost-effective, and adaptable. Most importantly it is designed to be extensible, allowing additional integration with other tools, applications, workflow and social platforms.


  • Flexible Deployment: The Acano platform delivers the ultimate in flexibility and choice and can be deployed as an on-premise, public cloud or hybrid cloud solution. Furthermore, customers have the choice of running on Acano’s purpose-built workload optimized server or on a virtual machine (VM).


  • Secure: The Acano platform has been architected from the ground up to provide full end-to-end security. Furthermore, the platform has been fully tested and certified by JITC (Joint Interoperability Test Command), required for the acquisition and deployment of global “net-centric” military capabilities. For on-premise or hybrid deployments, Acano’s purpose-built workload optimized server has been designed to act as an integral part of the security architecture.


For more information about Acano and HT Video, visit the company at Enterprise Connect booth #1237.

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