AI in the Meeting Space – Round Table

Is there demand for Artificial Intelligence in meeting rooms? With Logitech, Cisco and Lifesize

Story by Rob Scott, UCToday

Artificial Intelligence is no longer the technology innovation of the future. Once restricted to Sci-Fi movies and far-fetched ideas, AI is now a standard component of the communication and collaboration environment. Whether in the form of chatbots that help to manage self-service journeys for modern customers, or appearing in the guide of intelligent IVRs, AI is everywhere. The question is, in the age of team collaboration, does AI also have a place in the meeting space?

For many modern companies, the meeting is still a crucial way to gather information, share insights, and ensure that team members are working on the same page. Unfortunately, according to The Muse, unproductive meetings are responsible for wasting more than $37 billion each year. Could AI help us to overcome the unproductive meeting once and for all? We spoke to Logitech, Lifesize, and Cisco to find out.

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