How do you find a missing train? Follow the tracks… Or better still use Video instead!


Story by Andrew Graley

When you work in the communications industry and you use videoconferencing every day like I do, it is often easy to forget how valuable time is, and how difficult it can be for companies to defy distance and take time to travel to meetings.  I was recently reminded just how valuable time is and of the inconveniences, frustrations and annoyances related to traveling to a meeting.

No two days are the same for me in my position as an industry specialist at Polycom.  In any week I will host briefings at one of our Executive Experience Centres, I will work with customers on projects that will benefit patients, I discuss trends and my experiences with journalists – you get the picture.

This week, I facilitated a workshop session with executives from a healthcare organisation to help them understand the art of the possible and to get them up to speed on what a UC solution in healthcare might look like.  These sessions are designed so that they might learn from other projects that have already been successfully established and to consider if they could use the same model to help with change, face challenges or even to innovate their service or product.

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