AT&T Debuts Unified Communications for Work Teams


Story by Jennifer LeClaire

The telecom giant is working hard to make business collaboration easier. AT&T’s latest effort toward that goal is the launch of AT&T UC Federation, a cloud-based service that allows suppliers, partners and customers to communicate in real-time across various networks.

AT&T UC Federation is working to overcome a real challenge for enterprises that demand dependable collaboration. Disparate unified communication (UC) systems have made seamless collaboration difficult at best and at times problematic. AT&T is working to tackle these challenges by making it possible for internal and external teams to collaborate freely across supported UC platforms.

“Companies that try to set up UC platforms on their own can face challenges when creating scalable, secure connectivity that meets compliance and support requirements,” said Vishy Gopalakrishnan, AVP Big Data and Advanced Solutions at AT&T Business Solutions. “UC Federation from AT&T provides tools to help overcome this challenge by removing the hassle and allowing business teams to connect easily and over a highly securely platform.”

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