Augmented Reality Telepresence Company Beem Announces Early Availability of Its Consumer AR App and $4M in Seed Funding


February 17, 2022 – Beem, a cross-platform augmented reality (AR) streaming and communications app, has today announced the early availability of its consumer AR app, backed by USD $4 million in seed funding from 5 Lion, Ascension Ventures, Grouport Ventures, Inertia Ventures, Lior Messika, among others.

Available on both the App Store and Google Play, Beem is introducing its platform that will enable one-way live and pre-recorded communication in AR. The company added that this will evolve into something that supports live, two-way telepresence using AR, and eventually two-way live communication via AR glasses, which Beem states it is currently developing the technology for.

This investment follows Beem’s pilot projects that, using patented technology, enabled the company to develop human-centric AR environments for leading brands including Vogue, LADBible in partnership with KSI and Craig David, The British Army, Carolina Herrera and Warner Music.

According to the company, the current version of Beem offers core features such as direct messaging and the ability to create and share creative videos. However, Beem is designed as an AR-native platform, and enables users to seamlessly scan and create a digital recording of themselves that can be shared with friends and family through their favorite messaging apps. These AR recordings can be viewed immediately by recipients on their mobile browser using the WebAR platform. This gives both the sender and recipient of a Beem message the unique chance to see and interact with a full digital self that’s realistic and conveys the feeling of being in the same physical space.

With Beem, users can even host AR “conferences” similar to Zoom calls, supporting the streaming of holographic versions of themselves to up to 25 people, with two-way audio. Or they can launch a one-way livestream to millions of people, akin to YouTube or TikTok, but in an AR environment.

“As AR adoption accelerates, and the metaverse jumps from science fiction to reality, we’re excited to offer today’s mobile users a glimpse of an inevitable future that combines our physical selves with the metaverse through Beem,” said Janosch Amstutz, CEO of Beem. “We’re excited that we’re backed by amazing investors who understand and share our vision of enhancing intimacy and improving communication effectiveness by connecting people through AR.”

“Innovation across AR is creating tremendous opportunities for a variety of different markets, and the potential for AR’s impact is colossal. Beem’s technology creates the infrastructure through which AR can become truly accessible – and viral. The global shift to digital is occurring fast, and Beem is at the forefront,” said venture capitalist and Beem investor, Lior Messika.

With its seed funding, Beem plans to expand its team while further developing its solution for two-way live telepresence in readiness for AR glasses launching in consumer markets. For more information on Beem and its augmented reality telepresence solution, please visit the company’s website.


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