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The list below includes LDV’s internal writers as well as our regular guest contributors.

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A professional writer at Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays, mother of two, and world traveler Ashley Halsey has been completing nationwide projects, all while fostering her love for reading and business-related coursework.1 Articles

Marie Barnes is a Marketing Communication Manager at TheAdsy and a writer for Bestforacar. She has a lot to share on the topics of Marketing, SEO, PR, and Branding. She is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs. Marie shares her insights through blogging.1 Articles

Dan Vetras brings 30 years of experience in business and technology leadership to the Kollective executive management team. As President and CEO, he oversees day-to-day operations globally and is actively involved in building long-term relationships with Kollective’s customer base.1 Articles

My name is Jessica Larson. I’m a married Midwestern mom and a solopreneur. I create online courses for students, and I’ve started and run several other businesses through the years. My goals are to support my family while still actually spending time with them, to act as an entrepreneurial role model for my two daughters, and to share what I’ve learned through The Solopreneur Journal.1 Articles

Mia Clarke is part of the content and community team at Userful.com, experts in all things video wall and display solutions. When Mia is not spreading the word about video walls she is often found discovering the great outdoors, walking or cycling.1 Articles

Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as an Information & Technology Tutor at King Essay, an excellent dissertation editing services provider. She has gained expertise in her field over time and provides advice to big corporations. She shares her ideas regarding tech online as well.1 Articles

Content Director @Mio. Freelance Content Marketer, Copywriter, & Editor in Unified Comms. Host @ucinfluencer podcast. Remote worker since it was frowned upon.1 Articles

JD Vaughn is an entrepreneur in the collaboration space and has been a recruiter, consultant, board member, and investor in the industry for over 25 years. He has been Vice President of Sales at Polycom, General Manager at Radvision, and a Director at AT&T, Picturetel and VideoServer. He was also chairman on the vendor side for the international videoconferencing users group; VCIG. He currently leads a boutique consulting and recruiting practice; Sage Research and is founder of a social media startup; SPFFIT. His in depth profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/jd-vaughn-244453/ will fill in the gaps. Here at LDV, JD keeps us posted on the job market and career planning in our industry.

Gregory is passionate about researching new technologies in both mobile, web and Wordpress. He is also a writer at Best Writers Online. Gregory loves storytelling in both fiction and fact-based, and always tries to get the best of both worlds.1 Articles

Mark Zizzamia is a seasoned multimedia and unified communications technologist focused within the financial services and insurance industry. He is currently the Manager of Collaboration Engineering at Travelers, tasked with simplifying and enhancing employee and consumer interaction channels. He was previously the lead engineer for multimedia services, including streaming and video conferencing services, at The Hartford and Travelers. The opinions and views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of Travelers or LDV.1 Articles