AV Managed Services Integrator, IVCi, Explains How Cloud Video Conferencing Increases Student Collaboration and Productivity


February 18, 2019, Hauppauge, NY – Universities and other educational institutions have a duty to give their students the best possible educational experience so each student has the opportunity to learn and succeed. With this in mind, IVCi, an AV managed services integrator, explains the importance of cloud video conferencing for increasing student collaboration and productivity.

Today’s students have high expectations for their educational experience. They know the marketplace is competitive and they want to absorb new material quickly and understand how it applies to their future. Students want to network with their peers from their own classrooms and from classrooms around the world. Cloud video conferencing features a wide range of benefits for students and educators, which include:

  1. More Engaging than Audio Conferencing: With audio only, it’s easy to tune out and mentally remove yourself from the lecture. Participants may find themselves staring at a wall or at their notes as they listen, and their minds begin to wander. Video conferencing creates the feeling that the speaker is actually in the room with them, increasing engagement from the viewers and leading to a higher level of participation.
  2. Enables Greater Level of Communication and Learning: Improved attention is only the beginning. Cloud video conferencing allows students to connect with professionals and experts in their field, as well as with other students. They’re encouraged to share ideas with students from institutions around the country and around the world offering different perspectives. Students may also be able to attend related events via video conferencing, which gives the classroom material a valuable real-world context.
  3. Brings Teams Together and Keeps Them Connected: Communication is at the heart of any team, but it’s easy for remote team members to feel disconnected, especially if the only type of communication is audio based. Getting to know team members faces and communication habits through video conferencing helps to build relationships, develop connections, and improve the ongoing collaboration level of the team.
  4. Preserves Knowledge—Allows for Lectures to be Recorded and Reviewed at a Later Time: Even the best listeners and note takers will miss something during a lecture or presentation, or they will take a note that later requires clarification. Video conferencing gives individuals the ability to revisit the materials at a later date, allowing for a greater understanding of the materials at hand. This ability to adapt increases the engagements and collaboration levels students have with the course materials and with other students as well.


IVCi is a global technology leader for standardized, yet scalable, Collaborative Meeting Spaces, Unified Communications, Video Conferencing, Cloud Based Services and industry leading back-end Managed Services. We partner with you to set a Collaboration & Migration Strategy, which includes identifying, deploying, and managing the ideal technology mix to improve your business’ bottom line and support the most ambitious ROI models that support and justify your investments.


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