AVer, Infocomm, and the New Model for Video Partnerships


As recently as 10 years ago, analysts were recommending the “single vendor” approach to videoconferencing. You wanted the physical equipment in the room, the software powering it, and the infrastructure hosting/connecting the calls to all come from the same company. We recommended this for a few very unfortunate reasons. First, interoperability between vendors was limited. If you had a mixed environment, you were likely to have issues.

The other reason was that videoconferencing was temperamental in general. When an issue arose (and they often did) you don’t want to have to determine which vendor’s product is causing the problem. As horrible as it sounds, we would literally say that you need to get everything from one vendor, so you have “one neck to choke” when it doesn’t work.

I’m extremely pleased to be able to say that those dark days of video are not only over, they are long behind us. Videoconferencing technology has caught up, and forged ahead, since those times. Today’s hardware peripherals offer universal USB connectivity and they just work. Today’s software provides reliable, high quality audio/video and consumer level ease of use. This frees up companies using video to create a mixed environment using “best of breed” offerings for each element, rather than being forced to get everything from one source.

AVer foresaw this new approach to business video and adapted its strategy years ago to focus on partnerships. AVer understands that today’s working teams aren’t looking to buy a video camera, they are looking to create a complete meeting room experience for their working teams. However, customers shouldn’t have to create these complete solutions themselves, after all, they are not the AV technology experts.

The best way for the industry to offer complete room solutions with a mix of products is through vendor partnerships. AVer is going far beyond what is expected of a hardware vendor to develop these partnerships. They aren’t just certifying that their hardware works with various cloud vendors, and other hardware vendors. They are actively partnering with these vendors and integrators to create complete solutions ready to meet the full range of today’s collaboration needs from huddle room to board room.

“AVer’s biggest strength is the value and feedback that Channel partners provide for building customer focused products. Cooperating with a variety of partners allows us to deliver the best solution by anticipating, identifying, and meeting customer needs.” Carl Harvell, Director of Product Marketing/SR. Director, Customer Success & Service

At InfoComm next month, the following AVer products will be on display at these partner booths.

AVer EP65

The AVer EP65 is an all-in-one flat panel, configured as a Zoom Room.
You can see it at InfoComm at Zoom’s booth (3770)

AVer CAM540

The AVer CAM540 is an affordable, professional-grade USB PTZ camera optimized to deliver an exceptional video communication experience. Please see our recent video podcast for a closer look.

You can see it at InfoComm at the following booths:
Newnex (5047)
ATEN (1668)
Starin (3871)
Heckler (3889)

AVer CAM340

The AVer CAM340 is a 2018 reddot design award winner and is compatible with all of your favorite applications connecting to virtually any desktop or laptop, via a single USB cable.

You can see it at InfoComm at the following booths:
Starin (3871)
Heckler (3889)

AVer CAM520

The AVer CAM520 is a professional-grade yet user-friendly PTZ camera perfect for mid to large conference rooms.

You can see it at InfoComm at the following booths:
Icron (4361)

I’ve been briefing with AVer for several years now, and their love of partnership has really been noticeable from the start. As with all vendors, they are certainly proud of their products, but the AVer team really lights up when they talk about how well their products work as part of an ecosystem with their partners. They say that is what makes their customers happy, which is really the bottom line. To learn more, or to set up a chat with an AVer rep at InfoComm, you can reach out to Charles Montoya at AVer.


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