AVI-SPL Symphony Aims to ‘Save the Meeting’

AVI-SPL Symphony can monitor any audio visual or UC/Collaboration device in your office — yes, any — to prevent issues before they happen.

Story by TechDecisions Staff, My Tech Decisions

Meeting obstruction because of faulty, or difficult-to-use, equipment is something we write a LOT about on this website. But what if there was a way to anticipate, solve, and prevent issues in advance of them occurring? AVI-SPL, the systems provider focused on UC and Collaboration, says their Symphony service does just that.

AVI-SPL Symphony is a cloud-based solution which focuses on managing and controlling every single AV device across an organization’s locations which uses what the company calls an “adaptive library method” to integrate with ticketing systems like SalesForce, scheduling, TMS, EMS, and analytics applications.

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