AVI-SPL Symphony Introduces Scheduled and Self-Healing Workflow Automation


The latest release of the user experience management platform takes technology performance monitoring and management to the next level.

August 24, 2021, Tampa, Fla. – Today, AVI-SPL announces that Symphony, its user experience management platform, has been enhanced with user-configurable, automated workflows for scheduled and self-healing activities across the AV, UC, and collaboration solutions being relied on for the enablement of hybrid work and learning. These new workflows are activated through rule-based triggers and processes that target specific end users, device types, and rooms. The new capabilities further promote scale within IT organizations by making it possible to proactively, remotely, and intelligently remediate technology performance issues and maximize the availability of meeting and learning technologies.

Administrators operating AVI-SPL Symphony can set performance and configuration alarms with assigned priority levels for meeting and learning technologies and spaces. When an alarm is triggered, Symphony can be configured to launch automated workflows to resolve the issue.  For example, Symphony can check whether a meeting room is set to the preferred configuration for a scheduled video call. If it is not, Symphony’s automated workflows can remotely update the room’s device settings to ensure a successful meeting.

“We’re thrilled to bring this level of process automation to our Symphony user base,” said Frank Mehr, AVI-SPL senior vice president of research and development.  “This advancement gives IT teams incredible power to manage the rapidly growing AV, UC, and collaboration technologies in their environments.  Without it, these same teams would be spending unnecessary hours on routine checks and reactive fixes.”

Additionally, this latest release of Symphony empowers IT teams to customize service ticket issue type, issue source, and issue resolution fields to use terminology relevant to the support team.  Organizations can add the resolution codes used across their IT organization to Symphony.  Those custom codes and terminology are then shown on Symphony tickets and represented in Symphony analytics and reports. Room types can also be customized.

“Because Symphony uses the customer’s naming conventions, personnel across the enterprise instantly recognize the issue and understand what it means,” says Laurie Berg, director of AVI-SPL Symphony market development. “It also means IT leaders have more meaningful analytics and reporting to help make decisions about their technology environments.”

With these new triggers, automations, and customizable business rules, Symphony enables IT teams to schedule and automate routine technology management tasks.  For example, IT staff can standardize their “room readiness” or “power down” workflows to take place at a specific time each workday.  They can create a workflow to turn on a display, set volume to the desired level, set shades to fully open, and automatically launch that workflow at 8 a.m., Monday through Friday.  Likewise, IT can configure an end-of-day workflow that powers down devices.  For end users, the benefit is a consistent experience where the room and technology are ready to use when expected.  For IT, the benefit is tremendous new efficiency, powerful data analytics, and peace of mind.

About AVI-SPL Symphony

AVI-SPL Symphony is an award-winning user experience management platform to securely administer, monitor, control, and analyze multi-vendor AV, UC, and meeting environments. It consolidates UC system performance and meeting room usage data from all connected devices and vendor-specific management tools into one source of truth. When it detects a system issue, it automates ticket creation and enables IT users to automate technology management routines. The result is more reliable UC environments and more meaningful analytics to make technology investment decisions. To learn more about Symphony, please visit www.avispl.com/symphony.


AVI-SPL is a digital enablement solutions provider who transforms how people and technology connect to elevate experiences, create new value, and enable organizations to thrive and grow.  We are the largest provider of collaboration technology solutions, which include our award-winning managed services. AVI-SPL’s highly-trained team works hand in hand with organizations worldwide – including over 80% of Fortune 100 companies – to strategize, design, deploy, manage, and support AV and UC solutions that are simple to use, scalable, serviceable, and measurable to ensure business objectives are achieved. Visit AVISPL.com to learn more, or connect with AVI-SPL on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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