2015 Let’s Do Video Readers’ Choice Award Winners


We are pleased to announce the winners for the LDV Readers’ Choice Awards!

This year, we had record high reader participation and voter turnout. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote. As you know, all nominees, finalists, and winners are chosen by you – our readers.

The sheer number of innovative products and services in our industry made for a very exciting nomination process this year, and final voting was extremely close in many categories.

So without further ado, here are your 2015 winners:

Best USB PTZ Video Camera
Logitech PTZ Pro Camera

Best Skype4B Hardware Meeting Room System
Microsoft Surface Hub

Best Large Interactive Touch Screen, Whiteboard, Wall
Microsoft Surface Hub

Best New Audio Peripheral
Jabra Speak 810

Best Wireless Bring-Your-Own-Device Sharing Solution
Logitech ConferenceCam Connect

Best VMR Platform Product

Best Pure Cloud Software VC Service

Best Skype for Business Software VMR Interop

Best VC Recording Functionality

Best VC Solution With Streaming/Webcasting Support

Best Persistent Team Messaging

Congratulations to all our nominees, finalists, and winners!


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  1. cbmoss1@outlook.com'

    Zoom is clear and present winner in at least two of those categories. I use it and it is truly all that it’s promoted to be.

  2. Mikem@crestron.com'

    Surface Hub? That’s a joke. Crestron RL is way better. And the whiteboard software from the SMART folks is really light years away from the twonky OneNote that Surface Hub uses.

    • The Surface Hub has to be the most controversial piece of hardware to hit our space in recent years. Whether it’s the power of the Microsoft brand or something about the device itself, it’s certainly causing a stir and getting noticed, despite not always being an analyst favorite. It wasn’t a total surprise that they got a lot of votes here based on the buzz they have created. I do agree that the field is definitely rich with strong solutions, including the Crestron and SMART offerings you mentioned. Looking forward to seeing how the competition for this product type develops.

  3. Moulden@mac.com'

    Unfortunately, this isn’t an accurate depiction of what people are really using and finding success with. It’s a limited audience and a pay to play scenario. If you’re seriously investigating solutions, try them and speak to their customers.

    • I totally agree that users should try various solutions and speak with other customers while investigating these offerings. Users’ needs vary and should be addressed by the product which provides the best fit.

      Also, regarding the respondents to the survey, this is the Readers’ Choice Awards. The voters are made up of our audience, who shared what they’re either using or enthused about. However, certainly there may be different metrics available for industry-wide trends and usage.

      I’d also like to clarify that the awards aren’t pay-per-play. All nominees, finalists, and winners were 100% chosen by the readers, and the vote counts were not tilted in favor of any LDV sponsors. We believe that providing a level playing field is paramount to the integrity of the program.

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