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Story by Liz Britain

It’s September, which means back-to-school season is here again – and what better way to mark the occasion than with a fun look at the many ways video conferencing is extending the reach of the classroom and improving our education system?  We recently published a guide titled Six Reasons Why Video Conferencing Is Essential for Education, which gives a more in-depth rundown on the many ways in which video conferencing is vital for the modern school or university.  Let’s talk about the top three ways video conferencing is changing the shape of education in the 21st Century!

Video conferencing enables distance learning.  Thanks to government investment programs and our grants program, more and more people are becoming familiar with the huge potential video conferencing represents in the field of distance learning.  From children in rural areas finally having access to the same quality schooling as their urban and suburban peers, to college students able to attend universities a thousand miles away while still getting the same experience as their colleagues in the classroom, video conferencing is bridging distances and building opportunities above and beyond geographic constraints.

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