The BeamPro 2 Telepresence Robot Has Wide-Angle Hd Cameras and a 24-Inch Touchscreen

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Story by James Vincent, The Verge

Suitable Technologies, maker of the Beam range of telepresence robots, has unveiled the BeamPro 2, its latest high-end device. Like all telepresence bots, the BeamPro 2’s main function is Skype on wheels: it lets employees call into their workplace remotely and trundle around it with the help of an app. It’s fun, if not always practical.

The Pro2 adds a number of improvements and refinements to the original BeamPro, including a 24-inch LCD touch display and two “super-wide” 12-megapixel HD cameras with 12x digital zoom. It also comes with 3D depth sensors (optional on the original BeamPro), ambient light sensors (to automatically adjust screen brightness), and a trio of speakers that Suitable Technologies claims can reproduce “lifelike sound.” The central display can be raised and lowered, with a 10-inch reach.

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