Bill Gates: Microsoft is developing a killer meeting-room app


Story by Mark Hachman

Microsoft is actively developing a meeting-room application designed to streamline the entire process, including sharing data and recognizing participants, according to company co-founder Bill Gates.

The disclosure is buried inside a lengthy personality profile of Microsoft executives Satya Nadella, Steve Ballmer, and Gates, describing the relationships tying together—and pushing apart—each of the three. But the article by Vanity Fair also touches tangentially on what Microsoft is actually doing these days—especially Gates, who’s dedicating exactly 30 percent of his time to the company.

Gates, in one excerpt, describes an upcoming meeting with a “genius guy” who is pushing the idea for a new app. “[W]hen you write an application you don’t write an application for this thing and then another application for that thing and another application for this thing,” he told the magazine. “When you fire up the meeting-room application, everybody’s machine has a part of this meeting-room application.”


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