Blue Jeans Meetings Is More About What You’re Sharing Than Wearing


Story by Ron Callari

In the 21st Century world of remote videoconferencing, wearing blue jeans to an online meeting has become commonplace. In fact you can also show up in sweats or pajamas if you like. That’s because this type of video communication is more about the collaboration and saving costs, than it is about fashion. – See more at:

Raison d’etre

Instead, today when we talk about ‘Blue Jeans,’ we’re more likely to be talking about a cloud-based videoconferencing service versus a particular blend of denim. The Blue Jeans Network developed by founders Krish Ramakrishnan and Alagu Periyannan in 2011 is a service introduced to connect participants across a wide range of devices and conferencing platforms.

At launch, ChannInsider described the platform as an “any(ware) video conferencing offering,” where people using disparate video collaboration technologies could connect. Seamlessly they can access enterprise-focused products like those from Cisco Systems and Polycom, in addition to consumer-facing offerings from companies like Google. The robust platform offers communication without having to worry about the cumbersome stop-and-go add-ons of various infrastructures and/or protocols.

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