Blue Jeans Network Reveals the State of the Modern Meeting: Mobile, Global and Always Face-to-Face


August 8. 2015, Mountain View CA – Blue Jeans Network, the global leader in cloud-based video collaboration services, today revealed its annual State of the Modern Meeting Report benchmarking trends from over five million of Blue Jeans Network’s business collaboration meetings. The report reveals that modern meetings are connecting increasingly global teams and remote workers from anywhere and everywhere and that weekend meetings are becoming more frequent. While the number of online meetings is on the rise, they are starting late more often and their occurrences may be dictated by time of year or day of week.

Blue Jeans data reveals key trends in modern meetings:

  • Weekend Warriors: Weekend meetings are on the rise, with an average of 49% more meetings on Saturdays and 84% more meetings on Sundays than prior years. What’s more, while the East Coast has a reputation for being fast talkers, the data shows the West Coast takes more weekend meetings.
  • Midwestern Hospitality & Punctuality: Meetings in the Midwest are more likely to start on time, while East Coasters are 4x more likely to be late than people on the West Coast.
  • Coast to Coast: The New York to Los Angeles corridor is the most traveled business route both physically and virtually. The West Coast also takes more meetings overall than any other US region.
  • Saving Miles Matter: In 2015 alone, using Blue Jeans video conferencing has avoided 7.5 billion travel miles, and saved $3.3 billion travel and 2.7 billion pounds of Co2, the equivalent to planting 322,644 trees.
  • Apple of My Eye: 25% of meetings have at least one mobile video participant on the call (tablet and/or smartphone). For mobile video meetings, 78% took place on Apple devices.
  • Winter is Coming: The winter season has double the amount of meeting activity than the rest of the year.
  • Get a Room: While people join meetings from a wide range of conference room systems, desktops, and mobile devices, when people are in the same location, they prefer to get a room. 35% of meetings include at least one conference room-system

Meeting Mania Strikes Earlier in the Week: Tuesday is Top Meeting Day
Once workers have recovered from Monday, they should prepare for meeting mania on Tuesday, the most popular day of the week for meetings, which takes this honor from Wednesdays.

  • If it’s 3 o’clock, You’re Meeting: Widely considered the energetic low-point of the day, mid afternoon is the most popular time of the day for meetings.
  • Spring Fever Cancels Meetings: The least amount of meetings take place between April and June.
Whether East or West, Face to Face is Always Best
The West Coast currently holds the title for the “Most Active Meeting Scene” with 1.5 times more video meetings than the East Coast. Mighty in meetings: Silicon Valley takes top honors as the global location that meets the most, trailed by New York, LA and London.

Other regional meeting trends include the massive increase in online meetings when extreme weather strikes. Video meeting activity increased by 35% during the epic 2015 Boston blizzard and up to 26% in Texas during the May flooding.

“With an increasingly global and mobile workforce, the demand for engaging, visual collaboration has never been stronger. Face-to-face meetings are on the rise coast to coast and around the world as people can connect visually, no matter where they are, or what devices they use,” said Stu Aaron, chief commercial officer at Blue Jeans Network. “We are powering this trend with new platforms and capabilities and expect to see growth and adoption across industries increase as video becomes the preferred medium for the modern workforce.”

For more information about Blue Jeans Network and to see more on Modern Meetings, including an infographic on the data, visit The Blue Jeans State of the Modern Meeting report is based on more than 5 million Blue Jeans video meetings from 177 countries across all seven continents.

About Blue Jeans Network
At Blue Jeans Network, we aim to bring great minds together to meet, share ideas and reach their audiences through the power of video collaboration. By making video communication easy, secure and scalable, our customers can make online conversations, meetings and events personal again. Blue Jeans’ cloud-based platform has taken video into the mainstream, giving thought leaders in business, education, entertainment, and media the power to interact face-to-face with anyone, anywhere.

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