Blue Jeans Relay Integrates Customer-Premise Components and Applications With the Cloud

Touch-to-join Blue Jeans video meetings available with any standards-based conference room system

March 17, 2015, Mountain View, CA — Blue Jeans Network, the global leader in cloud-based video collaboration services, today unveiled Blue Jeans Relay, a software solution that integrates customer-premise components and applications with the Blue Jeans cloud. Relay Touch, the first solution powered by Blue Jeans Relay, integrates calendar applications, conference room systems, and everyday tablet computers to make video conferences easy and automatic. With scheduled meetings displayed on the Relay Touch app, participants can touch to join meetings from any standards-based conference room system, with no need to dial, pair, or enter a meeting ID.

“Most conference room automation solutions require a proprietary touchscreen appliance or only work with equipment from a single vendor,” said Eric Tooley, Product Marketing Manager at Blue Jeans Network. “With Blue Jeans Relay, people simply walk into a conference room, see scheduled meetings on the Relay Touch app, and touch the meeting’s name to join automatically.”

The Relay Touch workflow is powered by Blue Jeans Relay software, the Blue Jeans cloud, and the Blue Jeans Relay Touch app to pair an everyday tablet with most H.323- and SIP-based conference room systems.

Audiovisual solutions provider and Blue Jeans Network partner, Thresher Communications & Productivity, Inc., realizes the additional value and benefits Blue Jeans Relay can provide.

“Customers love Thresher because we design and deploy solutions that allow users to experience consistency across all conference rooms,” said Kyle Prescott, Control Systems Engineer at Thresher Communications & Productivity, Inc. “With Blue Jeans Relay, we can ensure the experience our users are accustomed to, on mobile and desktop applications, is extended to the conference room. It’s a great professional services opportunity for us, and an affordable way for our customers to make conferencing easy and automatic.”

Organizations can deploy Blue Jeans Relay to enhance the usability of room systems that they already own, and also take advantage of a programmable API to customize the user experience:

  • Touch-to-Join Simplicity: Participants simply touch the meeting name to automatically join the meeting, with no need to dial numbers or enter a meeting ID
  • Calendar Integration: Compatible with Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar, Blue Jeans Relay displays upcoming appointments that include a Blue Jeans meeting
  • Software-Powered Solution: Comprised entirely of software components and cloud services, organizations need only supply a host for a Linux virtual machine and standard Android tablets to integrate conference rooms with their Blue Jeans service
  • Programmable API: With an open API, organizations can customize workflows and add integrations with badge readers, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices, and their own applications.

Scheduled for release on March 31, 2015, Blue Jeans Relay software will be available to all organizations that subscribe to the Blue Jeans video collaboration service.

About Blue Jeans Network
At Blue Jeans Network, we aim to bring great minds together to meet, share ideas and reach their audience through the power of video collaboration. By making video communication easy, secure and scalable, our customers can make online conversations, meetings and events personal again. Blue Jeans’ cloud-based platform has taken video into the mainstream, giving thought leaders in business, entertainment, media, and sports the power to interact face-to-face with anyone, anywhere.

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