Blue Sparq, Inc.’s FORE LIGHT™ Gives StarLeaf’s Touch 2035 a Lighted Capacitive Touch Interface

The StarLeaf Touch 2035, is set to disrupt the global cloud HD video conferencing industry with its stylish, low-profile look, intuitive touch screen and backlit and dual color touch switches.

April 04, 2015, Cape Coral, FL – Blue Sparq, Inc., a product development company specializing in custom capacitive touch interface design and manufacturing is proud to announce that their Fast Touch capacitive sensing system is now part of the Starleaf Touch 2035’s VOIP phone user interface. The lighting solution for this panel was developed using Blue Sparq’s proprietary FORE LIGHT™ LED backlighting technology. This coupled with their selective lighting technique allowed them to individually illuminate each icon / button separately. Their design enabled the change in color and brightness of sections of the keypad to indicate the state of the phone to the end user. The user interface is composed of a dead fronted, printed glass overlay bonded to an LCD Touch screen and surrounded by the lighted touch buttons / icons.

“The Touch 2035 is a great example of how Blue Sparq, Inc. can give a modern look and feel to your product. We gave them support at every step of the way. We provided a well thought out communication protocol during the design phase and also ensured that the touch panel was immune to conducted noise during UL testing. The biggest challenge in this project was the LED lighting. Since this is a backlit panel, it is important to ensure that the various selectively lit regions had uniform brightness. Several factors such as variations in the LED brightness, alignment issues, etc. could cause the various regions to lose its uniformity. Since we possess the specialized equipment necessary to design and produce these lighted capacitive touch interfaces, we were able to adjust our process to account for these variations. This resulted in a beautiful end product for our customer. StarLeaf Ltd is a great cloud HD video-conferencing company and I am proud that our solution is part of their product.” – says Jameel Ahed, President of Blue Sparq, Inc.

Blue Sparq, Inc. has several years of product design and manufacturing experience. They have designed and developed several products that need wired connectivity (USB, ETHERNET, UART, RS232, RS485, Modbus, I2C, SPI, CAN, DEX, MDB) and/or wireless connectivity (ISM, LPD, UHF, RF-ID, IR, Wifi, Bluetooth LE), mechanical enclosure design, firmware and application development. Companies routinely call them looking for a capacitive touch keypad. However, when they understand their full capabilities and experience, they end up requesting them to design the complete control system. A good example would be the Sonic Touch Industrial control panel. This panel was completely designed and manufactured by Blue Sparq for Ultrasonic Power Corporation, who now uses this panel in all of their high end machines., a division of Blue Sparq, Inc., can provide a quick “Looks like, Feels like” prototype of the custom touch interface, while Blue Sparq develops the complete control system. Once the prototype has been approved, Blue Sparq can manufacture and test the production quantities required.

Blue Sparq, Inc. was founded in 2008 with the aim of providing prototype design and manufacturing services for individuals and businesses wishing to design new or to revamp pre-existing product lines.

If you would like more information visit or please call (239) 558-8810 / e-mail info(at)bluesparq(dot)com

Jameel Ahed
Blue Sparq, Inc.
+1 (239) 558-8810 Ext: 105


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