BlueJeans Adds In-meeting Transcription by AI Assistant

The cloud service service that connects desktops, mobiles and room systems in one video meeting has added in-meeting transcription powered by a digital assistant Eva from voice AI firm Voicera.

Story by Guy Campos, AV Magazine

Blue Jeans Network and Voicera have announced the availability of in-meeting transcription powered by an artificial intelligence assistant, Eva.

BlueJeans’ customers can now enjoy full meeting notes for all participants that are easily stored, shared, edited and retrieved for later reference.

Available to all BlueJeans users, Eva participates in a meeting by taking notes, providing a full recording with a fully searchable transcript and word-cloud, and highlighting key moments, all of which can easily be shared with others. Using the service allows users to connect what happens in meetings to the rest of their work day, and ultimately makes meetings more actionable.

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