Breaking Down Walls, Bridging Distance, Growing Virtual Meeting Realms

Video conferencing and the associated set of applications taking the market by storm more than ever.

September 10, 2014, Johannesburg, South Africa – CBX Tech has always focused and specialised in the Alcatel-Lucent brand based on the fact that Alcatel-Lucent utilises top industry skill-sets and invests in the best of breed. Among the focus on converged networking hardware, IP technologies, software and services around the Alcatel-Lucent name, CBX Tech also incorporates third party products to complement the array of features and facilities already provided by the Alcatel-Lucent range of products. One of these third party product categories is video conferencing.

There are two brands with regards to VC (video conferencing) thus far that CBX Tech has now included in its portfolio, namely Polycom and Lifesize. Many businesses have considered VC as a “nice-to-have” until the financial benefits and increased operational efficiency become evident during POCs within time periods as short as two weeks. There is no getting around the fact VC is here to stay and grow beyond our wildest expectations.

VC addresses company travelling expenses such as flights, accommodation and car rental, not mentioning the entertainment budget that goes along with all this. It also cuts down on hours’ labour loss, such as the time spent to take a flight (the hour or two prior to the flight, the travelling to and from the airport) or travelling by car, and how many hours are wasted driving. You could even conduct initial interviews via VC, ideal for a multi-branched/national operation aware of financial spend and focused on streamlining their operations to improve efficiency.

The VC environment opens up more operations than just video calling from one boardroom to another or multiple others. Among many applications, both Polycom and Lifesize offer a product focusing on content management and the sharing of data. This facilitates you to record sessions (training or workshops) and choose to either stream these sessions live to multiple destinations anywhere in the world or store them and invite users to watch via a link. Company announcements may also be recorded and distributed. The application to share and manage content is becoming more of a requirement within companies across the board to enable time-saving, cost-saving and sharing knowledge to empower an enterprise.

Believe it or not, VC and its complementary applications that enable features like sharing data content as well as the management thereof, even offer a boost in self-confidence. Once you’ve had your fair share of challenges in presenting to your clients, ie, either the device (laptop) does not communicate with the projector or you experience dual-screen function error for no reason and you end up talking around a laptop screen to 12 people, you’d understand the increase in confidence in presenting to clients and appearing to play a part in an episode of Hawaii Five-0, as you start the session comfortable with your own device, and with the swipe of your hand get to share the content from your own device onto a mounted 55-inch screen. Like a boss!

Check out the CBX Tech Web site: for more information on video conferencing and the set associated applications, or meet with the company and talk virtual reality!

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