Cardsmith Brings Pre-COVID Resources into Virtual Spaces with Online Workspace


Cardsmith’s innovative online platform helps executives and educators host effective remote
collaborative meetings by reimagining familiar visual tools, like sticky notes, whiteboards and real-time interactions

Sept. 2020, Portland, Ore. – With businesses and educators turning to visual workspaces and
classrooms due to COVID-19, Cardsmith s unique online platform is proving to be an effective solution to
the current struggle of remote working and learning. Using traditional visual tools in an innovative way,
Cardsmith enables teams to collaborate more effectively than ever.

Cardsmith’s appeal lies in its simplicity and ease-of-use, as the platform provides an intuitive alternative
when groups of are not able to be together in the same workspace or classroom. Based on the concept
of sticky notes on a whiteboard, facilitators can keep meetings dynamic and remote teams engaged.
Post meeting, teams can return to the platform to offer new input, organize collected thoughts and plan
next steps.

In addition to the team benefits, Cardsmith also works well for individuals who need to track and
organize their own thoughts. The platform imitates the way brains think through the idea generating
and organizing processes.

“People who facilitate any kind of meeting are telling us they couldn’t do their job now without
Cardsmith,” stated Monica Borrell, founder and CEO, Cardsmith. “Teachers love it for connecting with
students, and we’ve even helped first responders, including a team of paramedics who needed to
communicate with each other quickly and clearly.”

Created as a wide-open space to brainstorm, all team members are able to collaborate anywhere at any
time. With real-time collaboration, all changes are immediately seen by all team members. Once teams
have brainstormed, they can quickly turn their ideas into action by organizing their ideas or go straight
to creating a plan. Users can also customize cards to track items needed, as well as use color and icons
to communicate status or excitement about an idea or issue.

Cardsmith also makes it easy for users to create mind maps, concept maps, story maps and whatever
unique workflows and processes they would like to communicate with their team, clients or
themselves. Cardsmith believes in agility and enthusiastically supports Kanban, Scrum, Scrumban,
Scaled Agile and other processes that help teams get more done faster, better and easier.
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About Cardsmith
Cardsmith is a visual online tool for collaboration and project management. The platform utilizes sticky
notes, cards and boards to help users easily organize thought and generate new ideas, ideal for remote
teams looking for a brainstorming tool or agile project management. The platform also benefits
individuals who need to organize complex projects. For more information, please


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