CEDIA and the Commercial Integrator Expo: Bridging the Gap Between Residential and Commercial Technologies

Thanks to the rise in hybrid work, the communications technologies available to home workers are closer than ever to the professional-quality capabilities and capacity of office AV tech.

Story by David Maldow, No Jitter

I’ve always seen the business communications space as a subset of the larger AV community. What we refer to as the unified communications product category is just a very specific use case for audio and video technologies. Yet for some reason we always treated UC as a completely separate universe of

products with no overlap. Recent years have shown that the lines between business and home technology have blurred to the point where we are seeing overlap everywhere.

Hybrid workers are using the same products in both their home offices and the offices they go to. Vendors of residential AV technology are finding that they can design workplace products and join the super-hot market for business AV solutions. The result is a lot more options, from a lot more vendors, for meeting room and home office AV products.

With this in mind, it wasn’t completely surprising that CEDIA, an event covering smart home technology, partnered with the Commercial Integrator Expo for their September event in Denver. I just returned from the co-event, and I learned that those of us covering the business technology space need to start paying attention to the residential space as well.

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