Chambers is on the Bridge


Story by Dave Michels

Chambers likes to do interviews, but they are mostly on point about something Cisco just announced. I thought this Wall Street Journal Interview captured more about Mr. Chambers than most. Though I disagree with the Trek reference. If you want to capture Trek’s ability to create virtual conversations “beyond Skype” I think there’s better examples than a generic reference to Scotty. Next Generation had the Holodeck that create virtual environments. Voyager had the Hologram doctor. Chambers didn’t mention that most conversations on Trek were audio-only via communicator.

John Chambers, chief executive and chairman of Cisco, the network- equipment company, has just beamed in for his interview. Appearing in high-definition on a large flat-screen TV in New York, in real life he is sitting in his San Jose, Calif., office, showing off the capabilities of one of his company’s videoconferencing products. “Fast-forward five years and you’re not going to know who you met in person and who you met through the technology,” he says, nearly life-size on his screen.

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