Change Up The Way You Communicate With Padbot, The Telepresence Robot


Story by Leah Gonzalez

Can’t make it to that important meeting at your company’s other office? Let your PadBot robotic stand-in roll in and establish your presence.

A PadBot consists of a base that houses the wheeled motion system, a slim ‘neck’ that’s about three feet high, and a head or pad that holds one 7 to 10-inch tablet. Its creators describe its shape as a “white goose.”

The telepresence robot uses and connects with an iPad, iPad mini or Android tablet via Bluetooth. It can move around using its wheels and it can angle its head upward or downward to adjust its field of vision. With the tablet screen as the ‘face’ and eyes, the telepresence robot serves as the user’s stand-in during meetings or when communicating with friends and family in remote locations.

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