China’s UMeeting Pioneers Use of Compunetix Olympus Platform for Advanced Collaboration


April 27, 2016, Monroeville, PA – Compunetix, the telecommunication industry’s leading provider of high quality, high definition and highly scalable collaboration platforms, is honored to partner with UMeeting (优听), a prestigious collaboration service provider (CSP), to bring the Summit Olympus platform to the Chinese market. UMeeting possesses the skills required to fully leverage this unprecedented platform for electronic collaboration through demonstrated expertise in the unified collaboration segment. The market-leading CSP chose to pioneer the use of this platform due to the Olympus’ support of high definition (HD) voice codecs, its nearly limitless scalability matched with voice encryption capabilities, and the ability to offer quality benchmarks above and beyond industry standards.

Following the successful integration of the Olympus, UMeeting was able to optimize many features along with further improving the stability of the platform. The offering’s strengths of anytime, anywhere, simple, and easy-to-use collaboration has further enhanced product awareness as well as brand recognition among customers. UMeeting only requires a phone, computer, or mobile device to quickly and easily enter a call with more than 1000 participants. Practical call features such as noise reduction, automatic call recovery, conference recording, personalized greeting features, and conference lock are innovative in the market and show a customized, groundbreaking development of the teleconferencing product.

UMeeting also differentiates itself in the market with its flexible, alternative billing package setup – there is no requirement for investment in any software or hardware, no long distance roaming charges, all billing is tied to one account number, and there are no additional charges for other participants. Pricing is clear and concise, and there are a variety of customized subscription packages. Invoices are detailed and are available in real time; there are no additional charges or hidden costs.

As a service, UMeeting was the first telecommunications company to implement the “Gold” philosophy of one-on-one VIP offerings available 24x7x365. These service parameters are now the industry standard, and are widely recognized by customers. Along with the VIP offering, customers requiring special needs can have a unique assistant assigned to them to help initiate meetings and provide live support for large or important conferences. This alleviates any concerns businesses may have regarding telecommunications services.

“UMeeting is one of the most ambitious and solid providers in the Chinese collaboration market,” stated Mr. Gerard Pompa, Compunetix Senior Vice President and Communications Systems Division Manager. “It was a natural step for them to choose the Olympus for the future of their offerings to assure that they will remain as a top-ranked business today and for years ahead.”

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