Choose Your UC Solution Like You Choose Your Laptop


Story by Christopher Franke

THERE was once a time where a phone and a fax machine was all that was required to run a business in different locations. With the rapid evolution of technology, organisations nowadays opt for more complex communication technologies to increase business efficiency.

While having a comprehensive communication system can be advantageous, managing it can be a major pain point for organisations. However, with a Unified Communications (UC) solution, which integrates all these communication technologies into a single interface, managing a communication system has become less complicated.

Like the vast variety of laptops in a computer shop, the diverse and numerous options for UC solutions all look enticing and can leave you confused.

In purchasing a laptop, the brand, the specifications, the price, as well as our usage patterns are some of the major factors we consider before making a choice.

Similarly, in choosing a UC solution, you need to consider several variables to ensure that you get the optimum solution for your organisation.

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