Choosing A UC Vendor: 5 Tips


Story by Michael Endler

Choosing the right UC system can be confusing and expensive. KelCor analyst and Interop speaker Brent Kelly offers five tips to help you save money and stay in control.

Once upon a time, businesses needed only a few conference rooms and a collection of phone lines to help employees collaborate. That’s a far cry from today’s landscape, in which smartphones, cloud services, video chat, and other new technologies enable workers to collaborate with anyone from anywhere at any time.

The new tools can help businesses be more agile and productive, but they also present growing technical challenges. Unified communications (UC) vendors offer more diverse and far-reaching products than ever. The variety can empower IT admins, but it also forces them to slog through a quagmire of evolving technologies and use cases. As the options grow, it’s all too easy to overcomplicate a deployment, create user training problems, or otherwise turn your UC system into a productivity inhibitor.

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