LDV Offering Overview: Webex Room Kits


Solution Overview

Smart video conferencing.

Bring intelligent video conferencing to every room. Discreet cameras provide ideal framing and active speaker tracking. The systems wake when you walk into the room, and you can use your personal device to control them. Noise suppression reduces meeting disruptions.

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini

  • Camera and codec in one device that integrates with 4K screen
  • 120-degree field of view for huddle spaces
  • Optimized for rooms of two to five people
  • Easy installation and management
  • Use with your software video conference app through USB

Cisco Webex Room Kit

  • Camera and codec in one device that integrates with your screen
  • For rooms that seat up to seven people

Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus

  • Separate Codec Plus and quad camera integrate with your screen
  • For larger, deeper rooms with up to 14 people

Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro

  • Powerful codec for complex, custom video deployments
  • Designed for boardrooms, auditoriums, and very large rooms
  • For up to three screens, multiple cameras, content sources



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