Citrix GoToMeeting free enhancements deliver value


Story by Steve Brooks

With first Skype and now Citrix announcing that their video conference platforms can both allow multi party conferences and screen sharing, will video conferencing start to take off?

Citrix have just announced some enhancements to GotoMeeting free including the ability screen share and support for both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. GoToMeeting Free can be used by up to three people and also supports 25 different languages. It also now supports Android mobile devices as well.Skype announced in August that they were extending screen sharing for free users.

Taking advantage of all these free options around video conference means that there is a need to understand how best to use the technology. While face to face interviews take longer to set up and probably take more time than one delivered via a video conference, they should not be treated any more lightly. When recruiting graduates, whose budgets are limited and who are often geographically distributed, it seems a good way to assess a wider bunch of candidates quickly.

However, if you are about to launch into a video conference have you actually considered all your preparation carefully. There are similarities to a face to face interview but online your interviewer’s perceptions are limited to sight and sound. Thus body language becomes even more important. Citrix have written a white paper specifically to help with this.

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