ClickMeeting Videoconferencing Becomes a Member of Educause

Company joins educators and professionals committed to advancing IT in higher education.

August 20, 2014, Wilmington, DE – ClickMeeting, the leading videoconferencing service, recently announced they have joined Educause. The organization’s membership includes over 1800 colleges and universities, 300 corporations that serve institutions of higher learning, and other related associations, state and federal agencies, system offices, and nonprofits. The move signals ClickMeeting’s growing commitment to becoming a leading force in technology for education in the U.S. and internationally.

“Like every industry, the field of higher education is being affected by advances in technology,” said ClickMeeting Founder and CEO Simon Grabowski. “We believe videoconferencing is critical to making quality education available to more people worldwide. And we want to add our expertise to the technology discussion.”

About Educause
The Educause mission is to form a bridge between higher education and the IT industry. Educators seek ways to use technology to make learning more efficient an affordable for students and teachers. The IT industry is responding by providing resources and expertise for developing innovative IT strategies.

Educause focuses on enterprise systems, strategic leadership, education, cyber-security and identity management. Member activities and programs include:

  •     Professional development programs for IT professionals and educators
  •     Publications including books and the EDUCAUSE Review magazine
  •     Annual conferences, online conferences, special-topic events, and discussion groups
  •     Advocacy and thought leadership on public policy and data security
  •     Data, research, and analytics
  •     Online information in blogs, wikis, and directories
  •     Awards to celebrate excellence in IT for education

ClickMeeting Videoconferencing
ClickMeeting uses Cloud technology to bring online meetings to organizations all over the world. It is flexible enough to be used for one-to-one and small meetings or for presentations to audiences of 1,000 or more. A one-click recording feature enables presenters to create videos of their presentations. The videos can be hosted on the ClickMeeting site or embedded on a website or blog, with online viewing or downloading for offline viewing.

The platform supports a panel of up to four presenters from any high-speed Internet connection in the world. The ClearSound audio engine provides crystal-clear sound quality, with a choice of audio modes: listen only, moderated Q&A, open discussion, or private.

ClickMeeting in Education
The online educator can set up a lecture room in advance by uploading presentations, documents, images and videos. A digital whiteboard can be used for a multi-page presentation or used during the online class for taking notes, drawing illustrations, or following an agenda. In addition, the educator can share his or her desktop with participants at any time during the meeting.

The educator can enable interactive chat, translated into each student’s choice of 52 languages. This enables the lecturer to receive questions and comments during the lecture, with the option to answer them on the spot or collect them for a Q&A session.

The system allows the educator to create multiple online tests for use during the lecture. The tests can be used to check comprehension and collect comments from students. Or tests can be set up for instant scoring. Survey and test results are captured in the history detail of each student.

“Higher education has always been a place where diverse students can get knowledge and learn about each other,” said Simon Grabowski. “Videoconferencing has the power to eliminate geographical limitations and provide a richer educational experience for more people. Just imagine what a better-educated world population could accomplish.”

About ClickMeeting
ClickWebinar and ClickMeeting were developed by parent company Implix, a leading provider of practical, cost-effective software solutions. With more than 500,000 users, ClickMeeting uses Cloud technology to facilitate face-to-face online collaboration with participants worldwide. Try ClickMeeting free for 30 days at

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