Cloud Video Is a $40bn Opportunity There for the Taking, Says New Bluejeans CEO


Story by Tom Ball, CBR

The old world of business secrecy and solitude has come to a definitive end as tech majors lead the collaboration march.

Beating the collaboration drum are the likes of Microsoft, Cisco and Google, but there are other names that stand proud at the centre of the space, with BlueJeans such a company having broken onto the scene back in 2009.

BlueJeans from the very beginning has intended to “make video conferencing as comfortable and as casual as your pair of jeans”, as Stu Aaron, Chief Commercial Officer at BlueJeans put it, and this intention is no different today.

BlueJeans is a well-positioned contender in the video space – a space which is increasingly crowded and competitive as rivals big and small recognise the growing trend of flexible working. The origin BlueJeans has in the cloud is highly beneficial, as many are only just looking to the potential that the technology has to enhance video conferencing offerings.

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