Cloud Video a No-Brainer, but Transition Takes Work

At Zoomtopia, four financial services IT veterans share their experiences bringing their users into the modern era of cloud video.

Story by Beth Schultz, No Jitter

Before the advent of cloud video conferencing, did your users ever leave their video meetings happy?

Not in her experience, shared Casey Santos, a longtime enterprise IT executive, most recently CIO of global growth equity firm General Atlantic. Over the years, Santos worked at large enterprises that invested sizable amounts in traditional videoconferencing technology. The experience was always “very complicated,” she said.

“If you wanted to have a videoconference with somebody outside the organization, it was nothing short of an act of Congress to get the thing set up and tested,” Santos said. “The amount of effort that we spent babysitting and managing all this technology really took its toll on the organizations — and then the end experience would end up very clunky and uncomfortable for the users.”

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